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Designer: Parade, Jewels in design

Parade Designs specializes in creating Bridal and Fashion jewelry with a strong emphasis on natural aesthetics, bringing a fresh and innovative twist to classic vintage designs.

For engagement rings, Parade offers a unique way for couples to express their love story through their ring selection. And for wedding bands, Parade offers beautifully designed matching bands to seal the couple's vows.

Based in Southern California, Parade has gained recognition for its award-winning approach to jewelry design. While Parade has designed for celebrities on the red carpet, they also prioritize quality and attention to detail in their Bridal and Fashion collections. Their production process combines traditional hand-crafting techniques with cutting-edge technology to create stunning and original designs.

Parade Designs only uses the highest quality materials, such as palladium alloyed white gold that maintains its color and durability for those with even the most sensitive skin.

Parade artisans meticulously select and sort the finest gems and diamonds, ensuring a bright shine and sparkle for each piece. All stones are hand-set for precise and secure placement, and each design undergoes a rigorous quality control inspection.

Parade utilizes the highest quality casting techniques to ensure durability and strength, and every piece is carefully buffed and polished to produce the desired finish. Founded in 2001 by brothers Allen and William Pung, Parade Design benefits from their expertise as second generation jewelers and their combined artistic sensibilities. Allen oversees all aspects of production and design, while William works closely with the design and CAD teams to create new and innovative pieces and heads the marketing strategy.

image courtesy of Parade Design


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