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We strive to create innovative, exceptional jewelry that can be treasured for generations

Founded in 2001 by second-generation jewelers Allen and William Pung, Parade Design has quickly become an influential player in the jewelry industry. Raised in the world of fine jewelry, both brothers bring a discerning eye for top-quality gemstones and innovative design, forming one of the most dynamic design duos in the business.

As the CEO of Parade Design, Allen Pung is more than just a figurehead; he is a

hands-on visionary. He is deeply involved in each stage of the creative process, from initial design sketches to the production line. His meticulous attention to detail even extends to personally selecting all gemstones for his groundbreaking Reverie Collection.

Serving as the Vice President of Marketing, William Pung is not only a strategic thinker but also a creative force. He's the mind behind Parade’s iconic Lyria Crown and plays a pivotal role in product design and development. William collaborates closely with the design and CAD teams to fine-tune each creation.

The synergy between Allen and William is what truly sets Parade Design apart. While Allen is drawn to the elegance of sleek, clean lines, William has a penchant for intricate, bold designs that creatively employ negative space. Their collaborative efforts undergo rigorous review and refinement, resulting in a diverse range of designs that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Dedicated to innovation, the team at Parade Design consistently delivers exceptional jewelry, skillfully crafted using impeccable techniques and premium materials.

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