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Sell with Confidence through Our Jewelry Consignment Services

Sell with Confidence through Our Jewelry Consignment Services

Our estate specialist,

Barb specializing in Vintage, Antique and Estate jewelry

  • The advantage of consignment is that it will receive a much higher overall price.

  • You will receive payment for the pre-arranged price 30 days after the item sells, to accommodate our return policy


Our open to consign period is between January 15th and November 15. After that we only focus on selling what we have on hand through the holiday season.

Consignment evaluations are handled directly by Barb, our estate specialist.

Please call or email her for an appointment.

If you decide to sell your item immediately, we can offer you its scrap value by breaking it down into its basic raw components such as metal and gems. However, this option will result in the lowest payout as it does not consider the design, assembly time, and craftsmanship that went into creating the piece, which typically represents a significant portion of its retail value. Please note that we can only provide payment based on the scrap value of the metal and gems used in the item.


The advantage of consignment is that it will receive a much higher overall price.

However, it's important to keep in mind that with consignment sales, you won't receive payment until your item sells. This can take some time, depending on market demand and the uniqueness of your piece. Nonetheless, we work diligently to promote your jewelry and attract potential buyers to our store. Our team can also provide you with regular updates on the status of your items and answer any questions you may have throughout the consignment process.

You will receive payment for the pre-arranged price 30 days after the item sells, to accommodate our return policy.

Once you express interest in the consignment process, we will schedule an appointment for you with our Vintage and Estate specialist. During this appointment, we will assist you in determining the value of the item(s) you wish to sell and advise you on whether consignment is the right option for you.

We will also work with you to establish a selling price that aligns with your desired return and our store's profit margin. It is important to note that items sold on consignment typically sell for around 40% below their original retail value in order to attract potential buyers. This pricing strategy ensures that the item is priced competitively and is more likely to sell quickly.

Once committed, we;

  • Photograph (a copy will be given to you before you leave your item)

  • We will meticulously clean and inspect the item.

  • The item will be documented, bar-coded & tagged.

  • The item will be placed in the appropriate display with similar items to attract potential customers

  • The photo will be place online in our Estate or Vintage section of our web site. broadening the potential customer pool.

  • Our staff will become familiar with your items and will show it to anyone that has an interest in similar items and with any luck or skill from the sales associate, the item will sell.

Additional Information:

  • After the sale, we will generally wait 3 to 4 weeks before paying out on the item to ensure that the new owner is happy with their purchase. In the rare case that the item does get returned (for exchange only); we would fully and carefully inspect the item to ensure that no damage has occurred and it is still in the condition it was in when it was first displayed.

  • There may be times that someone comes in and is interested in the item you are consigning, but isn't comfortable with the listed price. under these circumstances, we may lower 'our' cost to compensate. But on rare occasions we may contact you to see if you are willing to, slightly drop your agreed torice to help make the sale. But keep in mind the the choice if yours, and you can always say 'no'.

  • If all goes well and the item isn't returned we will cut you a check for the original, agreed upon price. Anything that we make above that price, the store keeps.

The best time of year to sell, is during the holidays but anytime throughout the year can work, It may just take a little longer to sell.

While most items can sell within 6 month, if they don't sell immediately, other times it can take years? There is really no way to tell how long something will take to sell but pricing and style of the item play a big part.

  • If your item is taking too long to sell you can always ask us to lower the agreed-to price to help speed things along.

  • You can pick up your item at ANY time just give us a call prior to coming in.

  • There is never a charge from us to consign your item(s).

  • For peace of mind, all jewelry is locked up in our safes, every night.

  • We are also fully insured through Jewelers Mutual Insurance. In the extremely unlikely event of a loss, our insurance would immediately pay you, in full for the agreed upon price of your item(s).

One third of the cases in our store are dedicated to our Estate and Consignment items. It is a great place to find values not available at the equivalent of retail pricing.

Whatever you decide, we will provide you very competitive pricing compensation in any of the three options listed here.

We look forward to our consultation and doing business together.

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