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Enjoy Our Complimentary Services

 Enjoy Our Complimentary Services

Complimentary services that we are delighted to serve you in whatever way we can. Any time you’re in the area, feel free to pop in for any of the following free services.

Jewelry Cleaning.

We can ultrasonically clean and steam clean your jewelry at any time. Plus, it just takes a few minutes!​

Jewelry Inspection.

Whether or not you purchased your jewelry from us, we would be delighted to give you a jewelry evaluation and recommend any maintenance needed.​

Birthday and Anniversary Discounts.

Stop by and ask to join our mailing list to receive a free gift and special discount on your birthday or anniversary month.

Jewelry Repair Estimates and Watch Repair Estimates.

Do you need any jewelry or watches repaired? Stop by and we will take a look to see what needs to be done. Fast, friendly, and free repair estimates are always available. Our experts can perform overhauls and smaller repairs to ensure the accuracy of your time piece. We recommend that mechanical pieces, watch cases, and quartz movements be cleaned at least once every five years depending on usage.

Temporary ring sizers.

Have a ring that is too large and are unsure if you want it permanently resized, then we can help with a base-metal temporary ring sizer.

Free watch batteries.

For any watch that you purchase from us, you will always receive free watch batteries, band adjustments and spring bars for the life of the watch.

1st year of insurance.

For any purchase over five thousand dollars will also receive the first year of replacement insurance from us through Jewelers Mutual insurance. This insurance has no deductible and as an added bonus, the insurance will also pay for most repairs to your cherished purchase.

Coffee, Cookie and Candy.

A cup of coffee while you look at the next piece of jewelry to add to your collection? from time to time we have cookie around the holidays and select candies to indulge in.

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