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Roddy's hands-on approach ensures that each piece of jewelry is flawless.

Established in 1980 , Mastini fine jewelry collections has grown to emerge as a source of dynamic fine diamond jewelry. Mastini's signature styling blends the adventurous spirit of American culture with the delicate nature of old world metalsmithing and stone setting.

Each piece is carefully brought to life by the founding president and master designer , Roddy Tabibzadeh, whose Persian heritage influences his choices in the shape, cut and feel of each jewel. Under Roddy's leadership and eye for perfection, Mastini Designs has become a beautiful unification of luxury and archaic appeal.

Mastini's Designs are pridefully manufactured right here in the United States, where most of its designing, casting and diamond setting takes place in the Los Angeles jewelry district. This allows Owner/Designer Roddy to oversee the entire production , from its initial concept to the final product. This personal artisan touch guarantees a faultless jewel.

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