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Designer: Frederic Duclos

Frederic Duclos is a French designer of contemporary sterling silver jewelry, with over 38 years of experience in the industry. He was born in Southeastern France, where his family has a long history of designing accessories. Frederic's passion for sculpture led him to jewelry design, and he started his own studio in 1984 with his wife Karen. They opened one of the few electroforming factories in the US, producing for the fashion market and private label for elite designers. In the mid-90s, Frederic found a niche in independent fine jewelry stores, and these have been his primary retail partners for over two decades.

Frederic has won numerous awards for his sterling silver and fashion jewelry designs, and his pieces have been recognized by jewelry magazines for creating fashion trends. He takes great care to ensure that his pieces adhere to the strictest standards set by the Federal Trade Commission, and his studio is a proud member of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee and the American Gem Trade Associate. Frederic's goal as a designer is to capture the fundamental qualities of a woman's features and complement them with refined embellishments.

Photo curtesy of Frederic Duclos


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