Watch Repair

Maintain your time pieces using our watch repair service. At The Jewelry Source, we understand both the sentimental and monetary value of your watch. Whether you simply need a battery replaced or a complete watch restoration, be assured that your watch is repaired in-store by our certified full time watch maker, since 1985.

         BATTERIES   Most watch batteries* are $15 each, including tax. BAND SIZING, SPRING BARS, BANDS



  • OVERHAULS/SERVICING include complete disassembly and inspection of critical watch components; systematic cleaning, oiling, lubrication and precise regulation. crystals and cases are meticulously cleaned. Plated cases can not be polished. 

  • MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS must be cleaned and overhauled at least once every 5 to 7 years depending on usage and environment. Running any mechanical movement without changing the oil will do the same to the movement, wearing it out and causing it to permanently run poorly. 

  • QUARTZ MOVEMENTS (with a battery) do not need regular servicing and can be used until they stop running. Gaskets should be checked and greased at least every year or two and replaced with every battery change.

  • RESEALING WATCH CASES Water resistance is ‘not a permanent condition’ it must be maintained in order to stay resistant to liquids. The gaskets must be inspected and tested at least once a year, or more if used under water on a regular basis. every 1 to 3 years to maintain the original water resistance. Also note that cases will eventually wear out and not be able to be re-sealed. All swimmers and divers watches must be sent to the factory for re-certification.

  • Battery replacement does no guaranty that the watch will be or stay water resistant.

  • Solar watches do not use a battery (Citizen Eco drive, Seiko solar) are always factory service.

  • If the watch is used for swimming * or diving *,  the watch will need to be sent to the respective service center ** for both the battery and re-certification.

  • A watch listed as waterproof or water-resistant is not a permanent state and gaskets will need to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the case fully sealed. Most watch companies suggest or require the gaskets be replaced every one to three years if the watch is used in water. (see your owner’s manual for full specifications for your specific brand of watch)

  • We will let you know if there is any visible damage to the existing gaskets or see signs of water damage when replacing the battery.

Water resistance testing is available, upon request, common costs include:

  • additional $20 per watch to test and will ONLY provide pass/fail results, testing takes approximately one shop-day to complete and tested to 3ATM, anything more will need factory certification. ($35 total, with battery)

  • If gaskets need replacing then the total price for the battery, testing and gaskets, start at $100.

Never use a watch in hot, soapy, chlorinated water, solvents or fuel as that will dry out the gaskets and make them fail prematurely.

  * Failure to notify us that you use your watch for swimming or diving does not automatically make us liable for damages caused to your watch after servicing or battery replacement.

  ** We are no longer able to send watches into the factory or service centers for the customer because of service center restrictions on repair services to the trade.

  *** We do not guaranty that the any watch will stay running for any length of time after replacing the battery, that would be dependent on the condition of the movement.

   *We cannot reseal the case after servicing. Nuggeted watches cannot be sealed.

   **Generic parts are generally available.

We can work on and repair most any watch, in recent years there have been placed significant restrictions placed on part(s) availability by the watch manufactures. 


  • brands we can service and get parts for: Seiko, Pulsar, Lorus, Bulova, Caravelle, Tag Heuer, Citizen, Accutron (quartz), Zeinth, ESQ

  • brands we can service only, no parts; ​Rolex**, Tudor, Omega**, Skagen, Gucci, Fossil, Benrus, Helbros, Invecta, Rado, Longines, Hamilton, Mido, Tissot, Zodiak.

  • brands that are factory service only; Cartier, Concord, Ball, Ebel, Lucien Piccard, Baume & Mercier, Piaget, Zodiac, GMT-Master 2 (Rolex), Cyma, Accutron (tuning-fork), Casio, Timex, Advance, Citizen -Eco drive (solar), Seiko -solar watches, 'Smart watches' or fitness trackers.

for Factory service or Restoration repairs we recommend Nesbit's Fine Watch Service in Seattle for OEM parts and servicing, including; Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Hamilton, Baume & Mercier, Movado, Lecoultre, Tissot, Longines & Rado.