Watch Repair

Maintain your time pieces using our watch repair service. Come to us to see why we’ve been your trusted watch repair experts since 1985.


Maintain your time pieces using our watch repair service. At The Jewelry Source, we understand both the sentimental and monetary value of your watch. Whether you simply need a battery replaced or a complete watch restoration, be assured that your watch is repaired in-store by our certified full time watch maker, since 1985.

You simply can’t find this kind of professional expertise and excellent customer service at a watch repair kiosk or fast fix store. Come to us to see why we’ve been trusted watch repair experts for decades

                     Our watchmaker is available Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm.

           BATTERIES   Most watch batteries* are $15 each, including tax, we can do one or two watch battery while you wait.

                     Multiple watches needing batteries can be picked up the following day. *some exceptions apply.

           BAND SIZING while you wait

           BANDS aftermarket bands ordered within 2-3 days. we do carry a selection of leather bands for common sizes.

           SPRING BARS while you wait



●    include complete disassembly and inspection of critical watch components; systematic cleaning, oiling, lubrication and precise regulation. Crystals and cases are meticulously cleaned and stainless and or karat Cases are polished. 


●    must be cleaned and overhauled at least once every 5 years depending on usage and environment. Just as you would not go without changing the oil in your car every 3-5 thousand miles or it will start running poorly and wear itself out. Running any mechanical movement without changing the oil will do the same to the movement, wearing it out and causing it to run erratic. 

            QUARTZ MOVEMENTS (with a battery) 
●    need much less servicing and can be used until they stop running altogether. 3-5 year general servicing does not apply to the low torque quartz movements. Water is the greatest enemy of movements, if the watch was water resistant. Make sure the gaskets are checked and greased at least every year or two and replaced with every battery change.

●    Most importantly; water resistance is ‘not a permanent condition’ it must be maintained in order to stay resistant to liquids. The gaskets must be inspected and tested at least once a year, or more if used under water on a regular basis. every 1 to 3 years to maintain the original water resistance. Also note that cases will eventually wear out and not be able to be re-sealed.