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Anniversary gemstones


Finding Your Pearls; The Greeks used to believe that pearls were created from the dew of the moon, captured by oysters as they swam on the surface of the sea by night. Carrying with them allure and mystery, pearls are among the most prized of all gems. No two are alike and each is as unique as the individual wearing them.


Finding and understanding your pearls; Pearls are judged on 6 qualities or virtues: luster, nacre, color, surface, shape and size and standard grading for A to AAAA is the highest.



Pearls are made up of many fine layers of nacre. The quality and thickness of this nacre gives the pearl both its radiance and deep glow. Because pearls have layers of lustrous nacre built up over time, a flawless surface is extremely rare and prized.



As pearls come from a living mollusk, even the most beautiful and valuable pearls may have slight imperfections. These may appear in the form of small blemishes, but make each pearl a unique creation.





Pearls are highly prized for the subtle richness of their natural colors. Every pearl reflects color in a different way: boldly on the surface or hinting at shades from within the layers of their nacre. Colors may range from luminous white to exotic blacks, peacock blues to grays, silver cream to champagne-rose, pinks, mauves and even rich gold colors.



Pearls can be as varied in shape as the women they adore. Pearls range from perfectly spherical to a teardrop and even a modern button shape. Some more specific shapes include the baroque – flamboyant and irregular – and the circle pearl with rings like the planet Saturn around its center.



As a general rule, the larger the shape the greater the value. Pearls are measured in millimeters, ranging in size from 2mm seed pearls to 20mm South Sea pearls. Though extremely rare, the irregularly shaped baroque pearl has been known to reach sizes of more than 40mm in size. Even so, it is important to remember that a pearl’s size is not an indicator of its quality, but rather a factor in determining its price.




Caring For Your Pearls


  • Pearls are delicate and fragile treasures. You must handle them with care and follow the guidelines below to ensure you keep them in their best condition.

  • You should not store pearls with other jewelry as they can be scratched easily when metals and other gemstones rub against them. Instead, store fine pearls in a soft chamois bag or other non-abrasive material.

  • Put your pearls on after you’ve already applied makeup and perfumes to keep them clean.

  • Wipe our pearls with a very soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off. The cloth may be dampened with water for extra cleaning. If damp, allow your pearls to dry completely before putting them away.

  • Physically dirty pearls can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution such as diluted clothing detergent. Make sure that you never use solutions that contain ammonia or harsh chemicals.

  • Never clean pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  • It is a good idea to have your pearls re-strung periodically to ensure that the silk or nylon holding them is in good shape. For more information on re-stringing visit our Services page.

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