Gold Buying

Gold is one of the most beautiful precious metals on earth and is preferred by jewelers for its ease of workmanship – the way that it can be melted and shaped to create any design.

If you find that you have gold pieces that are unused or unneeded, know that you can sell to us with confidence. Bring your gold to our store and we can give you an evaluation and offer on the spot. We will help you set a price to sell it, ensuring that you make more on the item than you might on its scrap value.

We Offer the highest cash amounts for Gold and Diamonds

  • Need some extra cash? Have you thought about selling some of your old gold, silver, platinum or diamond Jewelry? We cab offers some of the highest prices paid for your items.

  • We can buy everything from the smallest loose or broken piece of gold to large and valuable multiple pieces. We provide residents of Washington, cash on the spot for your gold, precious metals and diamonds.

  • Our experienced jewelry appraisers will pay you a fair market price for your jewelry or heirlooms.

  • We can also determine if your items are a good candidate for consignment to make you even more money.

  • If you need money today or are dealing with an estate? We are here to help.

  • All you need to do is bring your items in and we will take care of everything else.

  • Let us provide you with the most money for your items.

Contact us today and let us exceed your expectations.


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