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We strive to maintain a diverse variety of designer, fashion, estate and

antique collections to fall in love with, reflecting your own unique style.

Designer: Barkev's


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The bridal collection includes a vast selection of engagement rings, engagement sets, solitaires and wedding bands.

Additionally, our entire jewelry collection includes a large selection of styles and designs of cocktail rings, diamond pendants, bracelets and all kinds of color stone jewelry.

Designer: Dora rings


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Our mission is to design, manufacture and distribute a full range of innovative, high quality yet affordable wedding rings that reflect the unique taste of the individuals that will be wearing them.

No other piece of jewelry means as much as a ring. Mark the most significant events in our lives with them. Use them as a statement of love, of commitment, of who we are and what we want-no less. Committed to crafting only the finest quality rings. Combining the finest gold, titanium, platinum and diamonds to create rings that unite modern design with a timeless style, that marry the latest technology with true hand craftsmanship.

Designer: Frederic Duclos

Frederic Duclos

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His upbringing cultivated an admiration for art and sculpture. In his mind, sculpture was limitless, but controlling size and balance to create individual jewelry pieces became his passion.

Frederic Duclos is originally from Southeastern France, where for several generations, his family has been designing accessories. "As I design a piece of jewelry, I envision a woman wearing it. Her face, silhouette, and personality reflect the statement I am trying to achieve. My goal is to capture the fundamental qualities of a woman's features, and complement them with refined embellishments, the best tribute I receive is when I meet a woman who is wearing one of my creations,"

Designer:  F.Goldman

Frederic Goldman

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The Goldman family tradition of excellence has been going strong for over 60 years.

Frederick Goldman founded his company in the late 1940’s as a one-man operation specializing in plain wedding rings. This once small company, now run by Jonathan and Richard Goldman, has expanded to become one of the largest jewelry manufacturing companies in North America, managing resources at home in the US and also internationally.

Designer: JYE


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Their jewelry combines fine materials along with exquisite design and remarkable workmanship to achieve stunning results.

Founded over 30 years ago, Jye has evolved from a major provider of fine South Sea pearls to high-end designer of classic and contemporary diamond and precious gemstone jewelry in Platinum and 18 karat gold.

Designer: Luvente


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Your life is full of inspiring moments like births, marriage, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and successes. These are your moments. Commemorate them with LŪVENTE.

Our jewelry encapsulates the unique moments that define your life. These are the stories that you live to share - with smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears.

Designer: Officina Bernardi

Officina Bernardi

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The inimitable spirit and heritage of Italy, the influence of regional landmarks, such as Venetian and Palladian architecture.

The desire to express their vibrant culture through jewelry is the driving force behind Officina Bernardi.

Designer: Royal Jewelry

Royal Jewelry

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We pride ourselves in each and every piece of jewelry we make. Royal™ jewels have been enjoyed by generations in the past and will be treasured by generations to come.

Royal™ by RJM is family owned with three generations of experience in the gem and jewelry trade. Royal’s trend-setting designs, superb craftsmanship, and astonishing value are known throughout the world. Today, Royal™ has earned the reputation as being passionate, dependable, and artistic designers and creators. Our extensive line of timeless pieces encompasses classic and fashion-forward designs, perfect for every unforgettable moment.

Designer: Valina


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When the engagement ring and band are worn together, the two diamonds line up, signifying the joining of the couples lives together!

There are plenty of reasons as you’ll see, but one of the most important is that we understand the significance that the perfect piece of jewelry can bring to a special moment. When there’s no words that seem to capture your feelings, you need something that can communicate your message without saying a thing. The right piece of jewelry says everything. You can say it with Valina.