Selling on consignment

So, you want to consign some of your jewelry? We can make that happen. 

Our estate specialist, Barb 

specializing in Vintage, Antique and Estate jewelry

  • The advantage to selling on consignment is that you will net a higher price. But you will only get the arranged price if and when the item sells.

  • Selling your item outwrite will net you only a fraction of what the item might be worth. The reason for the lower, up-front price is that the store takes the risk when buying outwrite and if the items takes a long time to sell or if it doesn't sell altogether, the store takes the overall loss.

  • Scrap the item out breaking it down into its raw parts; metal & gems. This options is usually nets you the least since it doesn't take into consideration the value of what was involved in creating the item; raw materials, design work, assembly and paying a skilled jeweler to create the item, this generally represents the greatest part of the cost/value of the item.