Selling on consignment

Would you like to consign some of your jewelry?

We can make that happen. 


Our estate specialist, Barb 

specializing in Vintage, Antique and Estate jewelry

  • The advantage of consignment is that it will receive a much higher overall price.

  • You will receive payment for the pre-arranged price 30 days after the item sells, to accommodate our return policy.

  • Our open to consign period is between January 15th and November 15. After that we only focus on selling what we have on hand through the holiday season.

  • Consignment evaluations are handled directly by Barb, our estate specialist.

  • Optionally, if you are looking to cash out immediately, we would then pay 'scrap value' breaking it down into its basic raw parts, metal & gems.

    • This option will return you the least since it can't take into account the design, assembly time and craftsmanship needed to create the item, as this generally represents a large portion of its retail value.

    • We can only pay scrap value for the raw materials, metal & gems.