With a GIA certified gemologist on staff we can provide detailed appraisals for any of your pieces of fine jewelry.

We can answer questions about how much your jewelry is worth, no matter if the appraisal is required for an insurance company’s evaluation or to verify that you made a wise purchase. A retail replacement appraisal can also be performed to determine value for your insurance company and more.

  • The fees for this service;

    • The cost is eighty-five dollars, per item when done, in house, for a new appraisal.

      • Very large diamonds or colored stone jewelry may have a higher cost that we will disclosed before starting the appraisal

    • The cost is fifty dollars, per item to update an existing appraisal.,

      • For appraisals that were done by another store.

    • There is no charge for updates to an existing appraisal once we have create one for you.

      • Appraisals are transferable if you decide to sell your item, in the future.​

    • There is no charge if your only need a verbal evaluation and value for an item.​

  • This process usually takes;

    • one to two weeks to complete this legal document.

    • we require that you leave your item(s) for two to three days, after witch you can pick up your item(s). 

      • the item is meticulously cleaned and inspected​

      • all stones are identified and precisely measured.

      • photos are taken.

      • we lookup and place values for the item and each of its stones comparing them to current market values.

    • Once the appraisal is completed you will be called to pick it up or we can mail it to you.

  • It takes a qualified expert to address these questions properly and professionally.

    • One of the first things to look for in a jewelry appraiser is education and knowledge.

    • At a minimum it is preferable to find a Graduate Gemologist (G.G) who has earned an education through the Gemological Institute of America.

    • There certainly may be many experienced professionals that are capable of appraising your jewelry but there are many new treatments and synthetic gemstones coming onto the market these days and a sound basis in gemology will help to identify these.

    • It is also good advice to look for someone who is accredited or a member of a appraisal association such as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

    • This can be helpful not only because the appraiser will be knowledgeable as to the types of appraisals but many associations offer ongoing seminars and updates for what is new in the market place and current treatment and valuations. 

    • Just as an appraiser who specializes in art work would not be a good candidate to appraise real estate it is imperative to find the right professional to appraise your fine jewelry to get accurate evaluations. 


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